Friend Referral

Win Referral points by recommending us!

Do you know someone, who is seeking for CAM - solution for improving productivity in their machining process. 


>> If yes, you can earn points by recommending us and bringing them to the edgecam group.

Please use the link to refer: Refer to friend

Referral points:

There are people that never pay upgradation and maintenance fees for their services at Kriatec-edgecam, simply because they have shared their experience and have recommended us to other users. We will record and award you with points in the wallet for each new customer recommended by you. The award you receive depends on your reference Account Type.


The referral points can be redeemed during Upgradation and Maintenance renewal.

  • Refer to Industry and earn 3000 points
  • Refer to Education Institute and earn 1000 points
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